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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Subject Date Admission Essay The high school winter seasons and my drug addict dad, who was admitted to the psychiatric unit for attempting to take his own life by committing suicide. He later survived, but forgetting visiting him at the ward because of attempted suicide has become a real nightmare. I have come to realize that what greatly influenced who I am today and my professionalism is that experience I encountered. Initially, my career goals were geared toward psychological wellbeing, but this would later change to academia as I encountered more challenges and experiences later in life. I am an African American who comes from a tiny town in Georgia. The town is economically viable because the locals in this small town are mainly casual laborers in the local industries. For many in this town, graduating from high school is just ideal and joining college is an idea that has never been imagined. Neither my father nor my mother went beyond high school education. I always feel that I have been trapped permanently in this kind of environment yet I know deep down my heart I have to graduate from high school and I have to proceed with my education. As a junior student at Chamblee Charter High School, most of my relatives and friends do not understand my ambition because it has never been real to them, but I want to prove them wrong and use this as motivation towards achieving my goal. I know for sure that realizing this may be challenging, but I uphold the values that steer me to making these greater heights. My background as an African American who hails from a humble background gives me the zeal to work towards my academic

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