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Student’s Name Professor Course Date: Admission Essay Rutgers University and I have a similar vision. The great heritage in the institution enhances my urge to join the University. Aside from being a first-class University, it enhances the exploration of co-curricular activities. The University has a lacrosse team that engages in sports activities. However, I used to play lacrosse in high school hence the Institution will be essential to me in the sports activities. It is this drive that encourages me to apply for my admission to this university. The programs implemented in the Institution have a salient role to the learners thus being a driving force towards my application. Additionally, my desire and love for research activities drive me to Rutgers University. I understand that the institution holds my future because it will enhance me follow and explore my passion for engineering. Despite the exploration of engineering aspects, I am dedicated to receiving admission to Rutgers University for various reasons. I desire to work and interact with diverse groups from distinct ethnic backgrounds which the University cordially accommodates. However, the institution values and respects diversity which is critical in enhancing a cohesive integration (Fraser 880). It is my sincere hope that new people are required to achieve success at Rutgers University. My background knowledge and innovative aspect will help the Organization from future growth and success. And it is a tremendous achievement that I tend to imagine. The emphasis on diversification is also apparent at the University departments. The Rutgers University is a master in developing a niche for the

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