Administrator Interview

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Administrator Interview Student’s Name Institution Course Instructor’s Name Date Administrator Interview Name of Administrator/Professional: James Johnson Job Title: Principal/Teacher Campus: Pennsylvania State University City and State: Harrisburg City and Pennsylvania State Date of Interview: November 17, 2016 Phone/Email: [email protected] Interview Response Essential Features of Effective Teaching For effective teaching, it is required that the following features be availed. Firstly, the physical setting should be conducive. This implies that the classrooms should be well furnished and equipped with the necessary materials, such as books and other teaching instruments to facilitate teaching. The second feature is the social context. There must be a healthy relationship between the teachers and learners for effective teaching. The students and teachers should collaborate in the teaching process and dedicate their time to support teaching. Another element is the instructions. The simplicity and clarity of the instructions given to the students, including during the class discussions, group activities, and lectures, should not be too complex to grasp. Predictor of Student Achievement The greatest determinant of student achievement is the availability and support of the parents or guardians in regards to their financial condition and living standards. Students who get adequate funds for their education and support from their parents are most likely to achieve their career and education goals and high marks. The role in the education supports this predictor by ensuring that the parents are encouraged to remain close to their children and give

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