According to Wendt’s analysis, all the theories covered are

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According to Wendt's analysis, all the theories covered are Name Institution Wendt’s analysis describes constructivism as a social theory of international policies that highlights the communal structure of the global issues in opposition to the notion of the realists. The theory explains how the global politics are molded through behaviors and decisions of egocentric leaders. The leaders always focus on fulfilling their personal interest when they endorse decisions that help them make more money at the expense of others when it comes to international relations. According to scholars like Wendt, Constructivism forms fresh mainstream in regards to the international relations. However, constructivism is also viewed as an opposition movement when analyzing international relation theory. It is also an authentically essential substitute to traditionally well-established international theories like liberalism and realism. Alternatively, it is a distinct advance to international relations which emphasizes the ideational, social and personalized nature of global politics (Zehfuss, 2002). Wendt explains that global systems are “constructed.” Therefore, this means that the systems incorporate the manner in which humans feel and relate to each other. There are claims that structures in the international relations are formed, and their main aim is to mold the player's identities and interests instead of just their performance. The theory consists of various outlines and elements which shapes and hence some people describes it as a move to complete and scrutinize global politics. Further, it is also aiming at the difficulties experienced by the intellectual and

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