According to Dunne, et al.,what consequences do Green Thoery and ecological concern have for the current concept of sovereignty, and the role of state?(2) what is the core criticisms made by the 1st w

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Green Theory Candidate’s Name Institution’s Name Consequences of Green Theory and Ecological Concern on Sovereignty and State’s Role The green theory has resulted in fresh local, international, deterritorialized understanding of ecological justice, democratic system, nationality, as well as green nations (Dunne et al., 2016). It has also molded a separate green stem of Normative International Relations (IR) concept dealing with global ecological justice. As per these theorists, ecological injustice occurs if irresponsible public agents (government) “externalize” the ecological repercussions of their judgments as well as practices to blameless third parties (Dunne et al., 2016). Therefore, green theorists demand that states must play a role in recognizing the extended moral society which is impacted by the ecological dangers (that is, every citizen, people, coming generations, as well as non-human groups) (Dunne et al., 2016). The states should also allow contribution and serious discussions by nationals as well as the agents of the greater society at danger in every ecological decision-making and states should adopt a precautionary method to guarantee reduction of dangers. Further, Dunne et al. (2016) explain that the states must guarantee just allocation of the dangers which are tolerable via democratic practices which consider the views of every impacted party as well as community interest support organizations. Lastly, the states should remedy and pay damages to parties that endure the impacts of environmental challenges. The concept of sovereignty denotes that states are independent actors without control from anybody or another state. This implies

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