Accident Investigation and Incident Reporting

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Colgan Air was operating a Flight 3407 on February 12, 2009, crashed in a residential neighborhood near its destination in Buffalo New York. The crashed cost 50 individuals their lives including various crew members; pilots, 2 flight assistants as well as one person on the ground, and all the 45 travelers. The aircraft was not also spared as it was destroyed due to the impact, and the post-crash fire. At the same time, one house, as well as two cars that were positioned at the driveway, were also wrecked. The captain of the airplane was 47 years old and had in the preceding year received a FAA first-class medical certificate, however, he was required to wear corrective lenses whenever he was in control of the aircraft. The first officer, on the other hand, was 24 years old, and also had a FAA first-class medical certificate that had not limitations. After the crash, wintry conditions, icing on the wings, and winds were used to explain the crash. Nevertheless, as the inquiries advanced it was established that a response to an imminent stall that went divergent to pilot training triggered the accidents. It is not the aim of this paper to document the events of what transpired, but to classify the accident, determine the accuracy of evidence, the role of fatigue, analyze CVR data, and to analyze the overall safety recommendations. Accident Classification Colgan Air, Inc., Operating a Flight 3407, Bombardier DHC 8 400, N200WQ accident can be categorized in the loss of control that led to the break down during the Flight (LOC-I). This is due to the statistic that the NTSB established the likely reason of the calamity as the captain’s unsuitable reaction to the initiation of

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