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Name of Student Name of Professor Course Date College Tuition Should Be Free Debate on college tuition has been there for some time now in America and Europe. Of late, the debate has picked pace with those for free college tuition gaining momentum in pushing home their opinion. Passionate opinions on both sides have been advanced. Most people, however, agree that affordable college should be offered. However, this is a question that demands more thought than just a yes or no answer. It deserves open-mindedness with balanced potential benefits, demerits and alternative solutions. The benefits of free college tuition, in my opinion, outweigh the cost of rolling out the program. When the cost of attending college is prohibitive, a lot of students are locked out of a fundamental right. After the entire world, today gives little chance for uneducated individuals to succeed. In this paper, I seek to support my opinion, which is, college tuition should be free. Free college benefits the whole nation rather than just the student in question. The skills acquired in college are crucial in nation building with jobs today evolving to knowledge-based approach. The better-educated workforce is vital in filling skills gaps which hinder a nation from growing. Free college tuition will ensure that more youths in their prime can meet employer’s credentials. They will take good paying jobs, which will result in more money flowing into the economy. Previous research has indicated that people will spend more if they enjoy higher income jobs. This will also ensure that they their personal development will not be derailed by debts. It is the obvious knowledge that when a

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