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Abortion Abortion has remained among the most controversial issues of contemporary times especially with the start of ideas that have come to be termed as liberal and progressive. There have been diverse, but contrasting views regarding this topic. Depending on one’s school of thought, the argument on abortion could be won on any front. The biggest question has been when life begins. Maybe, with the establishment of this mystery, it would then be possible to rule on whether abortion is ethical or not. Being a contentious issue, a lot of scholars have given their various views in an attempt to raise awareness over the same. Mary Anne Warren has been very keen in dissecting the various controversial issues regarding abortion (Steffen 60). On her part, Warren has carefully examined the various questions that arise from abortion. She questions whether abortion is entirely wrong especially in the event of unwanted pregnancies. The author questions whether the contemporary regulations on abortion follow the moral and ethical values. In her article, she portrays prohibition on abortion as having arisen from various concerns such as medical issues that arise from abortion. However, with the improvement of abortion methods in health facilities, it then becomes difficult to substantiate the ban on abortion with this argument. Mary Anne Warren has failed to put into perspective the various details on the health risks of abortion (Farrell 78). Despite the fact that abortion methods have improved in contemporary times, there are still numerous dangers of carrying out abortions. Further, most of the unwanted pregnancies are among underage girls who choose not to use recognized

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