Abortion Thesis statement

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Abortion Thesis statement. As much as there are reasons why abortion should be carried out as researched by scientist and medics, there are several consequences and effects that are accompanied by abortion. Therefore, the citizens should look into ways of curbing abortion and the government should enforce laws that govern the practice of abortion. Abortion is a procedure prevalently carried out in the United States and many other countries in the world. There have been several views from scientists, medics, and nurses on the cases of abortion. The rate of abortion has been on the rise in the United States and is facilitated by the government of the United States. Despite the fact that abortion is supported by scientist, medics, and nurses, there are various disadvantages and dangerous effects of abortion on human health. This paper, therefore, seeks to discuss the problems associated with abortion and its hazardous effects on the victims involved. CITATION Wor12 l 1033 ( World Health Organization)Abortion is accompanied by massive bleeding on the victims involved. Current research by medical experts has discovered that during an abortion, there is a lot of blood that is lost from the women involved in abortion act. For that reason, there has been a need for blood transfusion to the victims who carry out abortion. CITATION Sed12 l 1033 (Sedgh, Singh and Shah)Abortion results in medical complications. When abortion is not done by medical experts and in the right way, it can lead to medical complications such as subsequent miscarriage, sepsis, and infections. During the abortion, medical equipment is used in some cases which might be contaminated. This can later result in

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