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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Number Date Abortion Ladies, today I would like to talk to you about this topic that has always been on the front line in almost all the platforms in all institutions. Abortion has become one of the most debatable and arguably concerns that reside today in our society. The idea to abort has raised different motives among people. There are those who hold on to the notion that it is every woman’s choice to either go for abortion or not, while there are others who affirm that nobody has the mandate to either bring life to earth or terminate it (Pazol et al. 6). However, I have researched on the subject, and it dawned on me that the better alternative is choosing life. It doesn’t matter, how we actuate ourselves, every woman that decides to terminate pregnancy is aware how wrong that is. It couldn’t be any other way since our intuition tells us that it is doubtlessly anomalous to make a decision on behalf of the other regarding whether they deserve to live. Of course, they will always come up with different excuses, but this does not, in any case, change the sense of their action, the action that will cost the life of an innocent child. It was scientifically proven that children in uterus start developing at a very early stage (Pazol et al. 12). Their heart starts functioning from the 6th week, and that’s the exact time their brain starts working. So, when one does abortion, it is ending life that is capable of feeling and thinking. If I am involved in such a case, I just couldn’t afford to be held accountable for killing an innocent soul. I am aware that I am responsible for myself, for example, I can decide to

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