Abnormal Psychology

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Abnormal Psychology Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Abnormal Psychology Abnormal behavior can be referred to as behavior that is maladaptive, distressing and socially disturbing. People are usually said to exhibit abnormal behavior based on three aspects: the failure to function adequately, deviation from social norms, and deviation from the ideal mental health. Under the failure to function properly, an abnormality is usually concluded when an individual fails to cope with the demands of life. For example, one may find it hard to interact with others and maintain a job to sustain him. Under the violation of social norms, an individual’s behavior or thinking is regarded as abnormal if it goes against the set rules or codes of conduct seen as acceptable in the community. Under the deviation from an ideal mental health viewpoint, anything that deviates from what is regarded as ideal or normal for mental health is what is considered abnormal. One has, therefore, to know what is considered mentally healthy behavior so as to identify abnormal behavior. There are six criteria through which mental health is determined. These include; autonomy and independence, positive view of self, accurate perception of reality, capability for development, and environmental mastery (Jahoda, 1958). In “American Psycho,” there is a widespread depiction of abnormal behavior. This is mostly seen through the character of Patrick Bateman. Bateman is seen as extremely aggressive; both verbal and physical. He also has insecure attachments and cannot sustain a relationship. His relationship with Evelyn was always on the rocks and was doomed to fail from the start. He is

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