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HIT System for ABC Health Network Name Institution Introduction The superfluous transformation in healthcare entities has led to new complications in the analysis of medical data and hence the need for realignment to accommodate the vast amounts of data. Therefore, with this kind of transformation, digital healthcare is not a choice but the way to go (Gartner, 2018).Electronic data storage and analysis in hospitals are crucial in the achievement of a fully customer-centered health system, improving efficiency in hospitals and allow easy retrieval of data. ABC Health Network seeks a provider for a standalone electronic prescriptions system, compliant with the US statutory federal HIT requirements and include a web application and a mobile app. Analysis of selected firms The following are potential providers of a HIT system who meet the requirements shown previously and their respective solutions. RosettaHealth RosettaHealth as a provider of Healthcare IT systems offers a new taste in the electronic health systems with some key integrations in their HIT systems. Solutions by RosettaHealth and explanations for their solutions RosettaHealth offers HIT systems which allow easy sharing of clinical data while ensuring the privacy of patients and clinical officers is not compromised. The federal statutory laws prohibit unauthorized access to patients’ data which is a punishable offense according to the laws. RosettaHealth also provides computer software which is a desktop application as part of their package and a redistributable mobile application. The HIT system provided also has easy configurable access and use of other health information tools, not just its

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