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Charity, and Her Co-Workers. HarperOne, 1981. Suggs, David N., and Andrew W. Miracle, eds. Culture, biology, and sexuality. Vol. 32. University of Georgia Press,...

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charity to every one believer or not. Even without going out to hospitals, prisons, and the streets to touch strangers with the face of mercy, this gesture is first of all needed in our homes and workplaces. The primary crisis of the modern family arises from injured families where the neither the husband can look at the wife nor the wife capable of looking at the spouse. The result is a hostile environment where children grow up without any experience of affection. The youth of today are thus disoriented and does not desire anything as it is impossible to desire that which we do not know that it exists. The same dilemma is perpetuated at work where every employee perceives that authority is always...