A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings

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Student’s name Instructor’s name Course Date “A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings” Marquez’s A very old man with enormous wings is a short tale mostly regarded for children. An old man with wings descends from the stormy winds and lands in someone’s courtyard. He received different reactions from cradlers who were amused by the unique features that he possessed. The story, though some events and characters, exhibits different characteristics of magical realism which have been discussed below. The tale has numerous characteristics of magical realism. The presence of buzzard wings exhibits magical realism. A man possessing wings is unimaginable unlike it is common for birds to have wings (Marquez 14). As evident in the tale, the strange old man had wings of buzzard which was absurd to the natives as the old man turned into a spectacle of amusement to the entire village. Furthermore, the act of holding an angel in captivity also exhibits magical realism. Angels are celestial beings with massive capabilities that the thought of restraining them is intriguing. This is insignificant as he should have free himself from captivity but was unable to escape the bondage in the book. The presence of spider lady and few miracles also accrues to the characteristics. A human being that has been transformed into a spider and miracles that were considered a kind of mockery a is proof of pure magical realism. It is hard to fathom that disobedience can alter the natural body to a spider and even the miracles depicted the angel being mentally ill. In summary, different elements of magical realism such as buzzard wings and angels

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