A topic on a social issue or policy’s impact on public health

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Name Professor’s name Unit Date Racism Social issues are described as challenges that have an adverse impact on people in a community. Across the globe, there are numerous social matters such as access to education, religious beliefs, substance abuse and inequality. Inequality is a general factor that influences many societies because it creates a notion that certain individuals are better than others. The United States Constitution advocates for equality across all areas but there are areas the constitution has not managed to eliminate disparities. Economic inequality, the gender difference in leadership and racism stand out as the most common forms of prejudice in the US. Racism refers to the giving of privileged treatment to a certain race since it is alleged better than the others, therefore, making it a major challenge to the US. The Fourteenth Amendment does not advocate for racism since it is purposed with matters pertaining equality. All manners of discrimination are harmful to the society and should be addressed so as to attain a community that is homogeneous. The following paper will aim at addressing the impacts of discrimination. The implications of racism Discrimination by race has been a challenge facing the United States since the slave trade era. The US is a sovereign nation that promotes equality across, but it has not managed to address racism since slave trade was abolished. Some White Americans have a negative notion that they are better than people of color, but in reality, all Americans are equal despite skin color or race. Racism has impacted the criminal justice system since there are stereotypes held against people of color. The law

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