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Name Institution Date Course Brief History of Struggle for Women Rights The twentieth century marked a great change in the gender equality. Before the century, one gender was perceived to be directly opposite of the other, that is, a woman was believed to be the opposite of the man. This mentality affected even their natural positions and rights in the society. The society believed the position of a woman to be at home performing tasks like taking care of the family and the general house. Women were not allowed to be educated, hold any leadership position or even engage in any economic activities. These were places reserved for men since they were the “intelligent” ones to make the decisions in the society. Women were not even allowed to vote since they did not have the capacity to make any logic decisions that would affect the society (Lambert, 1). Consequently, towards the end of the nineteenth century, this mentality started being challenged. In some colleges, they began to educate women such as The Vassar. However, the education for women during this period was reserved for the upper class and some of the middle class. Towards the early twentieth century, the suffrage was becoming an issue and women with the help of some men started advocating for their rights to vote. Women felt that through having their voting rights they would be able to advocate for much more recognition (Lambert, 1). The men, however, opposed this right as they felt women would become more powerful. This is because they were more than men in numbers, and they might decide to vote as a block. In addition to that, men felt that it was against the natural roles of gender. This is

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