A systematic study on the degradation kinetics (chemical stability) of Gemcitabine injection solution by a stability-indicating liquid chromatography method

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Insert name Professor’s name Course/class Date A systematic study of the degradation kinetics (chemical stability) of Gemcitabine Injection solution by a stability-indicating liquid chromatography method The proposed research study is intended to determine the degradation kinetics of gemcitabine injection solution by applying the stability-indicating liquid chromatography method. This is based on the awareness that kinetics of chemical compounds can be studied when in aqueous solutions with the intention of determining activity at different concentrations. This information would be useful in the formulation of gemcitabine as an antitumor agent that inhibits DNA synthesis to bring about cellular apoptosis (Jansen et al. 885), although Liu, Zhao and Li (1793) it is best used in combination with other antitumor agents. Gemcitabine has been used to treat different cancer forms to include lung, breast, cervical and pancreatic cancers. In this respect, the proposed research study intends to evaluate the degradation characteristics of gemcitabine injection with the intention of identifying the most effective, stable and soluble formulation of the drug to guarantee favorable results. Gemcitabine has been identified as the compound of interest since it has the potential to counteract cancer effectively. In fact, Anliker et al. (716) report that gemcitabine is active in inhibiting tumor activity by targeting the S-phase of cell growth and replication. By presenting a complete degradation profile of gemcitabine (as intended by the current study), chemistry research will make it possible to present drug formulations that have higher efficacy with longer shelf lives. It is

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