A Summary of the Chapters in Oakley and Jensen

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The chapter touches on the growth and development of a child from birth to adulthood. The author claims that the extreme experiences children undergo in their first year of life can significantly change the way they carry out themselves. The brain’s cognitive-emotional plot is drawn earlier in life and parents can either be the topographers or the dupes. Therefore, parents should moderate vicious film images since researchers have linked violent games with hostility among children. In the long run, parents will be able to instill good social and expressive skills to their progenies. The issue of nutrition and health is explored in the chapter as the author touches on the use of fast foods by many families. Preschool children consume soft drinks regularly as the fast-paced lifestyle make many people have little time to cook in their households. Therefore, this has made children be deprived brain development foods like green leafy vegetables, nuts, and fruits. According to Oakley (2004), deficiency of the foods in the diet of the children has reduced their mental efficiency since the foods produce nutrients that support learning and memory development. Therefore, the chapter suggests various nutrition methods that are crucial for the brain development of a child. The author gives parents a precaution that they should stop giving kids total control over their food choices. On the same note, intake of enough water should be prioritized as hydration is a significant component to the growth of the brain. School age brain is made up of two sub-stages: the elementary and middle school years, and the teenage years. Under the stage of elementary and middle school, the brain is

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