A Streetcar Named Desire

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Name Professor’s Name Course Date A Streetcar Named Desire ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’ is a great play scripted by Tennessee William whose main theme is a conflict between the characters. It shows animosity between women and men, class, race and point of view when it comes to life. We note Blanche who is Stella’s sister, therefore, Stanley’s sister-in-law. However, despite the relationship between Stanley and Blanche, the two do not get along well from the start of the play. Blanche used to be a school teacher but after being fired she moved to New Orleans to crush at Stella’s. Stanley did not take this well, he saw as though she was taking advantage of their fortune. Perhaps if asked he would have recommended Blanche to go to a hotel since she was a working lady. Also according to Tennessee, Stella and Blanche rarely keep in touch, therefore, by her just coming over to their place when in need exhibited selfishness. She sought of valued herself a lot and prioritized her desire before anyone else’s. To worsen things, she expected to crush at her sister’s place for an unspecified span of time. Stanley might have not been comfortable with this and, as a result, decided to show what he felt towards her so that she got feed up and left. Another source for the conflict between these two characters in the play was Stanley’s mentality that Blanche envied his marriage with Stella and yearned for its downfall. Blanche looks down upon Stanley on the ground that she is smarter in books. Stanley hates being patronized and cannot tolerate such treatment. He, therefore, retaliates by digging on past experiences in Blanche’s life that she is not comfortable

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