A Streetcar Named Desire

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Name Professor Course Date A Streetcar Named Desire Blanche is a well-educated lady that teaches literature at a high school. She has passed a lot of tragedies such as losing her husband, which perhaps might have triggered her into being immoral. Blanche was an alcoholic and sex fanatic all in the name of trying to relieve the pain of losing Allan (Grecco and Kolin 832). Despite having a bunch of lovers, she behaves as though she is a saint. Her hypocrisy makes her judgmental and boastful. Blanche moving to stay with her sister for an unspecified period shows her lack of values considering she is older than Stella. It seems as though she is less responsible and capable of sustaining herself. Another trait about Blanche is that she lives in her fantasies, avoiding the reality. She has a dark past that she had hidden from everyone. When it came to Stanley, Blanche despised him and did not see any good that could come from him despite being his in law. She is always disrespectful to Stella’s husband and tries to show how he is not a match for Stella. On the other hand, Stella who is in her mid-twenties is a wife that has been trying to her level best to keep her marriage. She was brought up in the same background as Blanche, but she has gradually changed since she moved to New Orleans from Mississippi. Despite the ups and downs, her marriage undergoes she still treats him right and is polite. She does not view her husband as her elder sister does. Stella is morally upright as she sticks to one man and even bears him a child. She is humble and handles her workers nicely contrary to how Blanche does. Works Cited Grecco, Stephen, and Philip C. Kolin. "Williams: A

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