A social psychological analysis using one of the three approved films listed on the next page.

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Name Instructor Institution Course Date A Social Psychological Analysis: Learning to Drive Introduction In a time when the society and its government grow wild over a particular group of people, art becomes the best savior that would liberate people from the rapid increase of human atrocities. Over the years, researchers have risen to challenge and condemn the societal vices in the strongest terms possible. One of the most openly condemned vice, especially in the American society which is in fact significantly highlighted in “Learning to Drive”, is racism. Racism refers to the perception that a particular group of people is either superior or inferior to another. This premise underlines that an individual’s moral and social traits are predetermined by the individual’s inborn biological characteristics. As depicted in “Learning to Drive”, racial separation, which is based on racism and implies that various groups of people have to be, segregated from one another shares a close association with racism. Being significantly highlighted in “Learning to Drive”, racism is an issue that has been in existence for an extended period in human history. In “Learning to Drive”, just like in most cases, racism occurs basing on the discriminative attitude and behavior that individuals exhibit over the other regarding their skin color, customs, cultural beliefs and practices, language, place of birth or origin. Racism has had far reaching effects in the society. In the United States, racism has resulted in slavery, wars, criminal attacks such as the September 11, and the discrimination at work, much of which “Learning to Drive” incorporates. In most

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