A Rose for Emily

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Student Professor Course Date “A Rose for Emily” “A Rose for Emily” is a story that revolves around a woman known as Emily Grierson but miss Emily is the name used all through the novel. Emily is born and brought up in an aristocratic homestead at the time of the civil war. Her family sees itself as more superior than other folks in the town since as per her father, none of the men were suitable to marry Emily "So when she got to be thirty and was still single" (Faulkner, William, & Noel 257). Because of this attitude from her father, Miss Emily had a poor relationship with others, but it seems her life revolves around her father. In the story, William Faulkner meticulously describes the house Miss Emily resides. His portrayal helps the audience to picture a rotting Mississippi town during the post-war period. Additionally, the audience learned that Miss Emily was inflexible to change. Miss Emily is the main character since she does not change throughout the story. Her arrogance is among the reasons that make her live in isolation is a small town. She had no pals nor suitors due to pressure and how her father treated her. Allusions are employed differently in the story. The oppressive influence of Emily's father when trying to overprotect her is the central aspect that isolated her from the society “So when she got to be thirty and was still single” (Faulkner, William, & Noel 257). Her father thought his daughter was better than her peers. This made Emily grow awkwardly and sociopathic. Despite her father's controlling character, she worships him, and this caused her to lose her mind and killed the man she loved due to fear of being rejected.

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