A Report on Apple’s Customer Service Process

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Apple is an American conglomerate that designs, creates, and sells consumer electronics, computer software, and offers online services. The hardware products for Apple include the iPhone smartphones, the iPod tablet computer, the Mac personal computer, the iPod portable media player, the Apple watch, and the Apple digital TV and media player. Similarly, the software sold by the company embraces iTunes media players, Safari web browser, iOS operating systems, and iWork creativity and productivity suites. Equally, the company offers online services like iTunes Store, Mac App Store, Apple Music, iOS App Store, and iCloud. A certain course or phase of a company can play a vibrant part in the whole creation value sequence of the business. In different organizations, the aspect of customer service is viewed as a cost center that drains resources for the corporation. Therefore, this paper shall take an illustration of Apple’s iPhone flaw example and exhibit how customer service in the illustration depicts a key role in the general supply series of iPhone. Client Service in the Supply Sequence of Apple The aspect of customer service is viewed as the expression of the consumers that has effects after the release of merchandise or amenity by a firm. For any product of a company to be successful in the market, the goals of the corporation have to start with the customers and end with the customers (Boyaci and Gallego, 2009, 12). Thus, it is contradictory for companies to start their operations from the client's point of view and then start working backward. The reason behind this is because the voice of the client has to be given consideration at the product design level and the

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