A Random Walk Down Wall Street: The time-tested strategy for sucessful Investing ( eleventh edition)

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Name Professor’s name Course number Date A Random Walk Down Wall Street: The time-tested strategy for successful Investing Book Report Book Written by Burton G. Malkiel The following book report is based on A Random Walk Down Wall Street: The time-tested strategy for successful Investing, which was written by Burton G. Malkiel. The book has been published by W.W. Norton & Company, Inc. Introduction The book A Random Walk Down Wall Street- The time-tested strategy for successful Investment which is written by Burton G. Malkiel who is well informed in matters regarding stocks and portfolio. His expertise has proven to be of significance to individual thinking about engaging in portfolio business. The eleventh edition of the book has features like the investment opportunities and exchange-traded funds that are in most cases found in the emerging markets around the globe. A chapter on the smart beta that has been included in the new edition is a concept that is of great importance to the investors because of it the newest marketing gimmick that is found in the current investment management industry. The book is also of great significance because it can be of help in tackling work of derivatives that has increasingly been becoming complex to handle. The book is a lucid mix of the pragmatic and theoretical understanding of the portfolio market. Summary I have found the book to be well written and thought out especially on the matters relating to the portfolio market. The book has offered a guided tour of the complexities that exists in the world of finance and has offered investment advice to the reader regarding the strategies available and the

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