A Proposal on Why to Study Cognitive Anthropology and Psychology

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Cognitive anthropology is a field that deals with patterns of shared knowledge and how the culture is transmitted from generation to generation over time. It also looks at or investigates cultural knowledge that is usually ingrained in stories, words, and artifacts. It focuses more on methodology rather than cognitive phenomena. Once integrated with psychology, which is a study of the brain, it will be possible to learn how people of different cultures think. Introducing Cognitive anthropology and psychology as a major will help individuals with a background in the two component fields, that is, anthropology and psychology. Problem Statement . An independent interdisciplinary major also known as an IIM is a course of study that is not in the institution’s normal curriculum, which is designed around an issue, a theme or other courses to help the student attain extra credit points. The IIM gives learners the opportunities to create a particular course of study that is not in the school’s regular curriculum. In light of this fact, my proposed IIM would give me a chance to add at least a .5 credit that would help me when graduating. The IIM would also present the opportunity to study to study how different societies think. Why Major in Cognitive Anthropology and Psychology As a senior planning to graduate at the end of the semester, an independent interdisciplinary major would present me with the opportunity to earn half a grade, which would go a long way in helping me graduate. I am well suited to take on the IIM because of my previous interest in anthropology and psychology. In the anthropology sector, I am keenly interested in the emic, and etic perspectives that I

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