A Proposal for Banning some Industries

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A Proposal for Banning some Industries In the history of economics, industry is a large scale enterprise with the aim of production of goods and related services within an economic sector. Depending on how much the Production Company or industry does, that work input and output factor determines the level of revenue attained. In case a large group has some multiple sources to generate income or revenue, the group is considered to be operating in different industries. According to the historical research done in the field of economics, industry or a firm can only be mandated to run if the duties and the main activities being carried out in that sector are valid and legal. An industry may be banned from operation if some of its activities go against the Industrial Act of that nation. Hence, this research outlines a proposal to ban some industries from being located within the city limits even if they would be located on private properties due to various reasons. Some of the rationales include air and noise pollution in the city, insufficient room for expansion, increased congestion in the city among others. According to the relational and descriptive research done, one of the primary reasons for making ban proposal on industrial set up within the city limits is the increased air and noise pollution. An industrial firm being located in the city would have a high impact on the surrounding environment including the production of the green gasses which may have major impacts towards the health of those living within. Most of the children residing in the premises might be affected both in health and academics sector. Most of the noises are produced during industrial processes

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