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Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course number: Date: A Prompt on One of Two Options Watching TV has been the most essential and transition activity since the beginning of the 21st century where it has been adopted widely by many households. During its inception, the TV was one of the greatest inventions and bundled with the inventions and persistent creativity in the entertainment industry, people have been hooked up and addicted to it. This addiction has rendered people unable to recognize the negative effect watching the TV has on their overall performance in life (Brody et al., 217). Initiating a television free week will be an eye opener to the shortcomings that comes with it and consequently increase performance and focus of individuals. Firstly, a TV free week will promote communication within the family as more time will be spared (Brody et al., 218). The problem in families today is that everybody is busy following the news and shows, and the only communication between them may be discussing shows but no real discussion about how the day has been or to chat about the common life issues. This, therefore, breaks that intimate bond that should exist within a family. Secondly, individuals will have more time to plan and organize their activities by avoiding the distraction of the television. (Brody et al., 219). There will be more time to go the gym and keep fit, more time to take a walk, more time to formulate a plan and budget for the week. All primary activities that are always foregone or done quickly to maximize the time to watch TV will now be given enough concentration, and in turn, maximum productivity will be accomplished In conclusion, with

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