A personal reflection

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A Personal Reflection Name Course Date Graphic It is common to worry about a profession choice, even when one's skills, education, and know-how point him or her in a single path. But, once a person gets all of his or her choices on the table top, it’s significant to arrive at an informed choice. I have had several diverse professions that I wanted to pursue over the years. My plan A has been to initiate my personal business but I am not sure what kind of business. My plan B is to have a career in Human resources and my plan C is to start my own non-profit organization to help veterans. In the recent years, I have met many women handling more than a single career. There is a software designer who moonshines as a wedding professional photographer. A college professor who prepares food at the pop-up restaurant, and a bank who has a freelance writing career. These multiple jobs go fine beyond weekend trade jobs as supplementary revenue. Many find managing two, three or even four jobs, fulfilling and necessary for their general life and career development. When organizations employ, they seek workers with personal attributes and skills to successfully cooperate with other people in the place of work, and complete tasks on time and well. Personal abilities are those which allow individuals to interrelate with others, manage and express themselves. One’s personal skills nature not only the manner they labor, but also the means they carry on with their everyday life. Personal skills aren’t hard skills that one could measure and quantify, like legal knowledge or computer programming abilities. Instead, they’re soft skills; attitudes or qualities that an

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