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India (Whitley, 2001). Due to Greece’s success and need to extend the empire more, the Persians decided to attack them with use of their vast army, but they were defeated through the Greek’s use of smart techniques like warships that were easily maneuverable and were used to sink the massive Persian ships. Men in the ancient Greek were considered of a higher social class while women were of lower social status. The community was entirely male-dominated including praying to the gods. Men prayed while standing while women knelt to express a close relationship with the gods. The duty of a man was to provide food for the family through farming and herding animals. Women worked as housewives, and...

India where Mr. Bhamra came from before settling in London. Bhamra’s family consists of the father (Mr. Bhamra) the mother (Mrs. Bhamra) and two daughters (Pinky and Jess). The other family in the movie is of Mr. Allan Paxton. The Paxton family consists of the father (Mr. Paxton) the mother (Mrs. Paxton) and their teenage daughter Jules. Mr. Paxton family is a native British household who also reside in London (Chadha, 2002). Family Processes Mr. and Mrs. Bhamra’s are Indians living in London, the two heads of the family are conservatives. Mr. Bhamra is the director of the family and makes the final decision affecting the family. The parents are strict and wish to see that the children...