A Moment or a Movement?

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Name Instructor Course Date “Black Lives Matter” movement The black people in America have endlessly faced discrimination. This started during the colonialism period in many states. Since then, there has been open segregation in transport facilities, educational sector, public and political offices and without the society as a whole. Although the hashtag ‘black live matter’ has gained a profound publicity of late, it is just a recap of many other slogans used by the blacks while seeking recognition and freedom from continuous oppression. Some of the adversities that the people of color and the minority groups face include police brutality, racism and segregation, and systematic oppression including denial of some constitutional rights. Quite some black people have fallen prey of the police cruelty for offenses that are not justifiable and legally recognized by the state laws. However, the police enjoy complete immune from these malpractices while the blacks continue to suffer in incarceration, injuries and at times killed. It has been reported that despite the blacks being a minority group in the US, are marked as the terrorists, drug addicts and are associated with all types of faults (Kelley 3). The “Black Live Matter” has come out as a reuniting movement to criticize the collapse of justice for the people of color. This paper assesses the history of the movement, the major and current event and the controversy that comes with it. Official data indicate that more than half of those killed by police over the past are blacks and Latinos. However, the officers who have been involved have rarely been convicted for using excessive force and murder. Many

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