A mature concept of death

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A Mature Concept of Death Death is perceived by children differently depending on their age bracket and their level of intelligence and understanding. But in the general view dead is seen a complex due to the many sub-concepts affiliated with it. Death has four common properties that describe it that is; it is universal, unavoidable and all inclusive, it is irreversible. Death is also signified by the non-functionality of an individual’s physiological parts. Finally, it possesses an aspect of causality that is, there is a biological explanation to explain its cause. The understanding of a child about the concept of death evolves as they grow with rapid development at some ages. The development of an understanding of mortality by a child is a process involving continuous changes and refining of already existing knowledge and insights. At different stages, children try to fit their understanding to their world at that time, as they try to keep their world in the balance and to be at peace with their conclusions. Children are progressive thinkers, and this explains the variations and advancement in their understanding, illustrated by their behaviors when interacting with new things. During infancy and toddlerhood, a child develops a sense of trust and link with his or her immediate environment. When they reach early childhood they only know death is bad and brings some sadness but are uncertain if they would die themselves someday. In school, a child interacts and starts thinking logically thereby understanding death more clearly. Socializing and interactions of kids with their environment and other people are some of the factors that help them progress their concept

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