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Student’s address Student’s phone Student’s email Date EditorCorporation name Corporation address Dear Ted, The perspective on remembrance day in the post is singular in its nature. I agree with the opinion that it is more important to focus on shaking the delusion of the necessity of war than focusing on recollecting wars. This avenue has the potential of offering a permanent solution to the war problem. I also agree with your proposed idea that understanding our inclination to war and rectifying it is our best hope for healing and creating peace. However, I do not agree with the idea that remembrance day is solely about the recollection of war and celebration of war heroes. From my perspective, remembrance day is more than just a day to remember the war heroes. The essence of remembrance day is also meant to allow individuals to recollect the evils of war, count their losses in loved ones. These heroes could have been much more if they had the opportunity to live out their lives in peace. Remembrance day is, therefore, more about sorrow than celebration. It is a reminder of why we should never to go to war again. However, your post has enhanced my understanding of remembrance day. It is now clear that while remembrance may grant us a moment's deterrence from war, it is not enough to stand up to the call by leaders to go to war as a necessity. Remembrance day is not the cure to war. A deeper understanding is needed to address the cause of war within us. I, therefore, find it necessary to continue with the practice of having remembrance day. The reason is that remembrance day is an immediate short-term solution to the war problem. Also, the search

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