A letter explaining what the fovernment should do if anything about the plight

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Student’s name Institutional affiliation Date The plight of factory workers in England I am expressing my concerns on the crisis faced by factory workers here in England. The industry has poor working environment detrimental to the general worker’s health. Being an employee in one of the steel mills in England for several decades, I would like to highlight the conditions we face and that ought to be considered. Kindly find the recommendations on the specific laws, steps, and measures to be implemented in a bid to enhance the life of the workers in these areas. The working conditions faced by employees in the industrial sector are worse compared to any other industry. The employers have significantly exploited the workers by making them work for more than ten hours in a day with little rewards. The health of the workers is at risk factoring in the dirty environment and overcrowdings we have subjected. Moreover, the company lacks proper health insurance mechanisms to facilitate the treatment of those injured while on the working. Due to poverty in the neighborhood, many children have dropped out of school to join their parents in these industries as workers. The parliament ought to revise laws related to the employee welfare to solve this menace. There have to be regulations that specify the working conditions in industries. The rules should guide the employers in determining the right working hours for all the employees. I would humbly recommend the working hours be limited to eight hours a day depending on the health of the workers according to International Labor Organization. The limitation would facilitate other crucial aspects of life such as social

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