A History of American Higher Education

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A History of American Higher Education The topic on the Proliferation of Problems in Higher Education was the most interesting and insightful ONE as far as my career is concerned. In Chapter 8, Thelin (2011) analyzed the challenges that American universities and colleges faced between 1970 and 2000. This topic was also important because it answered my queries on the many difficulties that I should expect in my career. I learned about the internal problems that universities can solve as well as the external forces that are beyond the power of such institutions. For example, the topic provided me with an excellent opportunity in understanding the impact of financial constraints on higher education. In particular, I was concerned with how inflation and other economic hardship affect the operations of universities, primarily non-profit institutions. I believe that I am better informed and updated on the many challenges associated with higher learning. For instance, Thelin (2011) opened my mind on how universities and colleges should prepare students to face the world rather than give them content and papers only. I agree with Thelin (2011) that the higher education does not reflect the interest of the people. Instead, universities are trying to compete by overemphasizing on academic credentials and creating uniformity. As Thelin (2011) argued, the current system is isolating faculty and students from the rest of the world. Since I hope to join the same faculty, I now understand the need for a constant reminder that I am preparing my students to survive in a competitive world. Therefore, the topic has shaped my thoughts on how I can assist my students to become better in

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