A Dystopian Government in Disguise

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A Dystopian Government in Disguise In the contemporary society, the primary purpose of setting up a government is to institute a regulatory system that guides the society towards perfection. However, does the perfection of the society guarantee peace to its inhabitants? A government establishes laws and rules that restrict some human activities deemed to cause disharmony in the society due to its evil implications. People’s actions are put under scrutiny using the law to determine how they impact on other individual’s well-being in the same society. Therefore, any action perceived to cause harm to the second party in the community is taken care of through administration of punitive measures, making up a utopian nation. The Giver, a novel by Lois Lowry, portrays a utopian government that is achieved through seclusion of this community from the rest of the world ‘elsewhere,’ thereby manipulating people’s minds into a state of sameness. The society developed in this story is a perfect society without memories of any perceived evil incidences hence valuing everything as the correct thing according to their government. However, this is a dystopian nation in disguise that infringes citizens’ freedom of decision making and differentiating the right from wrong regardless of Hobbes refutation hence compromising the social trust. In the first place, a utopian nation portrays the likelihood of infringing its citizens’ freedom of decision making. In a society, individuals deserve the right to exercising their freedom of decision making. Once one exceeds a standard societal age into adulthood, they are granted the power to make their decisions with limited influence.

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