A doll house by Henrik Ibsen

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Name Tutor Course Date Analysis of A doll house by Henrik Ibsen The play of a doll house is very applicable in real life situation today. This is because the play assumes a storyline of events which are very realistic and factual. The events that occur in the play also occur every day in our lives today. For instance, people fall in love, and others hate one another. The play also has a concept of marriage, which is very applicable in real life today. People get married, with some living happy lives, and others separating even after living together for many years just like Nora and Torvald (Ibsen, 5). In short, the concepts of the play are a reality in today’s life and can be applied in the real-life situation. One cannot argue that for sure the setting of the play is dated. However, judging from the occurrence of events and the lives that the characters live, the play is likely to have been pioneered in the 19th century. True to this, records prove that the play was set in around the late 19h century (Ibsen, 6). Notably, the message of the play is not only applicable to the lives of the people of the 19th century. Its message is very applicable to life today. This is because the play contains concepts which are existence even today. In the play, people work, like Mr. Trovald, people fall in love, others get married, others care for each other, others betray each other, and others overlook their interests for the sake of protecting those that they love. This is exactly what transpires in the real-life situation of today. Naturally, there is a Nora and a Torvald in the United States today. The characters of these two individuals are so typical of the

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