A death of ones own

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A Death of One’s Own: Ethical Theories On Assisted Suicide Student’s Name Instotition Affiliation A Death of One Own: Ethical Theories On Assisted Suicide Assisted suicide involves the intentional act of consent killing of a person with the lethal knowledge of the action aided by someone else or a physician. The Common Law in several countries including the United States of America prohibits this act regarding it to deprive the right to live (Poma et al., 2014). However, some states in the United States such as the Oregon, California, Washington, Vermont, Colorado, and Montana, have authorized the medically aided suicide of people. In this aspect, these states distinguish the act legal if it is medically supported suicide. This case allowed life termination of a patient with miserable illness and expected not to live beyond six months. Other countries endorsing the medically assisted suicide include; Belgium, Canada, Netherlands, Switzerland, and Luxembourg (Hurst & Mauron, 2016). The issue has portrayed controversial opinions as to either support assisted suicide or abolish assisted suicide in the society. Several scholars and non-profit organizations such as Final Exit Network, Inc. and World Federation of Right to Die Societies have presented different ideology concerning the choices of assisted suicide with rational philosophies on the issue (Poma et al., 2014). The supporting argument involves the personal autonomy whereby medical decision depends on the individuals and relatives. Therefore, the decision for physician-aided suicide by a person should be limited to interference from third parties in case the federal government supports this action

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