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Name Instructor Course Date A Day in My Media Life When I was joining high school, I always felt that a smartphone was the most precious gift that one could give me. I wanted to keep in touch with my friend, trends and watch things over the internet. I fancy taking photos and sharing with my peers. The memories of first seeking permission to use my mother’s phone were the most dreadful. She could control all the content I accessed and the people I reached. My sister came to my rescue when she gave me an android phone for my last birthday. However, this has not been something to celebrate given the time I use in social media. I am addicted to Facebook. Sundays are usually my free days. I logged into my page when I woke up the last Sunday. It took me two hours scrolling and replying to previous messages. Some of the people I responded to were my classmates but also there are people I just liked and have never met. What kept me stuck in the media were video shares especially from the school. One of them included the people’s reaction towards the recent brawl between two of my classmates. My friends were degrading Janice for being beaten despite being the class’ mouthiest. I would not imagine being a topic of discussion especial from a fight that left me undressed like Janice. The trauma she would face at school made me hate sharing videos and commenting on others timelines. There is this link that led me to a fashion website. I don’t believe in wearing V-neck T-shirts, but with the Dashiki model that was advertised, I could not resist the urge to have one. I went out to the mall in the afternoon to purchase one. However, I have never worn it despite

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