A current hot topic is the same sex marriage debate

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Name Professor Course Date Analysis of the Debate on Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage There has been a public debate on whether marriage between people of the same sex should be allowed in the United States of America or not. Several people have different opinions on the matter with some in support of it while some are viewing it as an abomination. Among the many scholars who have greatly contributed to the debate on the matter are John Finnis and John Corvino. These two scholars have totally contradicting opinions on the matter. Finnis on one side is totally against the ideas and cannot imagine a society in which same-sex marriage is legal. Corvino, on the other hand, has been in full support of the matter and finds nothing wrong with homosexuality. This paper, therefore, provides analysis of the contribution of the two scholars on the matter. Analysis of John Finnis Criticism of legalizing Same Sex Marriage John Finnis totally opposes the motion that aims to legalize same-sex marriage in the United States of America. Finnis bases his argument on the several reasons. The first reason is that the same-sex marriage stands to replace the actual traditional understanding of marriage (Wardle 735). According to Finnis, homosexual marriage may not benefit the society in any way. It is possible for somebody to argue that the traditional understanding of marriage was compromised by divorce. However, in the case of divorce, somebody is allowed to remarry and still achieve the main purpose of marriage. This, therefore, makes it impossible to compare these two scenarios. Secondly, he argues that this kind of marriage totally undermines the intended function of marriage, which

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