A Creative Life: Is it all about curiosity?

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A Creative Life Name Institution Affiliation How curiosity and interest lead to a more creative life Curiosity and interest in something lead to creativity and innovative life. A curious person loves learning a new idea he or she is not aware. The curiosity and the interest cultivate the momentum to see the gaps in an idea and more questioning of the matter in context. Persistence is brought by curiosity and interest to learn (Csikszentmihalyi 2014). The curiosity makes one apply the ideas learned in various fields and improves the understanding of the person on the concept. The application of the ideas makes one more creative than they were before the idea was introduced unto them. This results to the synthesis of the ideas and generation of new patterns and ideas about the matter. The curiosity leads to the discovery of new alternatives and inspires a generation of a more advanced idea from the basic information provided (Csikszentmihalyi 2014). It can be deduced that creativity cannot occur without the interest and curiosity on something. Heredity and creativity Heredity has some contribution to someone’s creativity. This is because the creativity depends on both thinking and imaginative capacity of the brain. Heredity plays a major role together with the curiosity. One can have the curiosity but not creative because of the brain power. The brain power depends on heredity factors. This shows that heredity is a major factor that determines how someone is creative in his activities. Other factors which may lead to heightened creativity in early adulthood The other factors which lead to creativity include the confidence and experiences. Someone should be

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