A Climate of Change #2

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A CLIMATE OF CHANGE The universality of death believed by most communities all over the world is a lesson that is learned from studying different cultures. The reaction to death is though reacted upon differently because each community has its myth to explain the origin of mortality. Death is universally believed to be from outside and is unwelcomed, but others seek it when tired or disgusted with life. Many explanations have been given, but in the case of a child’s death, this was a distressful occurrence that required human sacrifice for some communities like the Senufo people of Ivory Coast. The cause was explained using the ecological environment and the owed to natural and supernatural powers. In many cultures the dead has a place in the community, they are always involved in rituals and various traditions. This, therefore, calls for proper burials and send off to keep the spirit at peace. The land belongs to both the dead and the living, and they co-exist and help each other during various instances. In the case of the names of the ancestors and the dead, communities view this aspect differently; others exercise name avoidance to avoid disturbing the dead spirits while others prefer naming they children to reincarnate the soul of the deceased relative. They are influenced by either anxiety or respect when provoking the dead spirits and choosing to name or avoid the naming of the living. During the early middle ages, Christianity was the main inspiration that shaped the minds of people in trying to understand death. But with time the people began believing that they all will die at the end and believed in the destiny. They later came to take death in a more

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