A Climate of Change #2

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A CLIMATE OF CHANGE Death among all the cultures and the human race is seen as universal in some of its factors, but the reaction to death is diverse. Knowledge about cultures and traditions help to view death from different perspectives rather than our cultural view. The origin of death for many race and people are often derived from myths that explain different aspects that convince the people of a certain ethnic group. The cause of death is a question that is debatable in various communities but linking the cause to the environment has been the source of answers and valid explanations to this cultures. Because the health of a community is due to keeping a good relationship with their environment. The burial of the dead in traditional communities was a crucial part of sending off and resting of their spirits peacefully. Every community considered the dead as the members and dwellers of the village and owners of the land of the living. In death, the people showed respect and grief by loud screams of shedding silent tears that were elemental in appeasing their spirits. During childbirth, good grandparents that could act as role models were reincarnated by naming of newborns after them. Names were also suggested by ancestors to expectant mothers in dreams in the case of Hawaiians. But other communities discouraged this practice and entirely avoided the names of dead individuals to avoid provoking the spirits and to avoid conjuring painful memories in modern day communities. The western culture during the middle ages shared a common view on death as a bond between the universe and divine law. Christianity was also a significant influence in what people believed during this

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