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Student’s Name Tutor Course Date The Scholarship Jacket Who is Martha? She is the main character in Marta Salinas’ short story “The Scholarship Jacket” a young person who encounters challenges in life due to her impoverished and discriminated backgrounds. Martha is an intelligent girl as portrayed with her class performance. Despite their family being agile, they were committed to school studies because of lack of financial support to have them participate in sports. Martha eventually comes out as a courageous and a determined individual used by Marta Salinas to portray the role of teachers and guardians in safeguarding the values of education in the society. In spite of being challenged by her physicality Martha carries on her duties courageously in the struggle of fulfilling her dreams. According to Martha, a fourteen-year-old girl in the eighth grade is expected to have various body features that define a growing girl influenced by the adolescence stage. Unfortunately for her things are different, Salinas in her story writes “Another hour of sweating in basketball and displaying my toothpick legs was coming up” (343). Despite the challenge she perceives to encounter with her peers’ point of view on her physicality she still portrays courage when she plays basketball. However, she was still one of the favorites for her coach Thompson. Additionally, Marta Salinas depict Martha as a determined young person. Even though she comes from a low-income background, her determination is unwearied. Marta and her siblings believe their only way for a single moment of shining as a school student is through academics. Therefore, she cultivates all her energies

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