A challenging family or personal circumstances that has affected my achievements

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A Challenging Family or Personal Circumstances that has affected my Achievements As an immigrant student, my schooling and education in the U.S have provided space for me to rework my identity. However, throughout my schooling, I have had to contend with various complexities and challenges, particularly the ones that impacted my academic achievement. From my early childhood through to my secondary school years, my parents did not prioritize and engage in activities that supported my school learning. My parents’ decision not to engage in my academic life is motivated by the belief that they did not have much control and influence over my learning and they also chose to engage in activities that supported my learning indirectly. I had to assume adult roles in our household when I was only ten years old. My parents were working most of the time; therefore, I was alone at home for significant periods. Consequently, I was solely left with the responsibilities of handling my homework, preparing for school and even preparing my meals. Engaging in all these activities was challenging because it interfered with most of my school activities including sports because there was no one to facilitate my transport to school games and after other school activities. Despite the physical and social benefits of sports, I had to give it up because I lacked means of transport and I also had to attend to household chores. Moreover, some community and sports activities also require that a child is accompanied by their parent or guardian. However, I had to give up some of these activities since my mom and dad were busy at work. My parents were not involved in my high school education

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