A Career as a Police Officer

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A Career as a Police Officer. Ethics refers to the virtue of being honest at the least. Part of the positive ethics dictates that one embrace the character that is beneficent, non-maleficent, fair, just, truthful and has respect for the life of others. There are career and social ramifications to consider when determining tenets. What may seem unethical in one occupation may be regarded as simply correct in another. It is advocated that each uphold the virtue of respect for others, hold paramount concern for areas of competence for oneself and others as well as use professionalism in all activities so as to avoid conflict of interests. With this, one can easily adapt to the core definition of ethics that is the principle of behavior governing an individual or group to do what is good and right. One of the areas that ethics are highly regarded is human psychology and especially on issues dealing with killing. Different occupations have varying moral codes regarding human life. In most cases, occupations will try to safeguard human life as much as possible. Life is imperative for public service providers of the police forces and health care providers. All work towards saving our lives from attacks and diseases respectively. The main concern however is, should the police be allowed to kill. Most of the killing reported in the US has been associated with close range homicides by a police officer who claims that the opponent had drawn fire or was unresponsive. This has claimed the lives of many young people who were not given a chance to defend themselves. Even when they hold the arm and authority, is killing ethically spot-on and when is it justifiable. Ethics and integrity

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