A book or a text that has been significant for you in some way.

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Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course number: Date: A Book or A Text That Has Been Significant for You in Some Way I was not always an ardent book reader myself - who would? With the presence of movies that take averagely two hours or so. They are convenient and entertaining which was ok with me, I was in my comfort zone. Not until a friend persuaded me into reading a novel, “Things Fall Apart” by the renowned author, Chinua Achebe. For a first book to keenly read, I took an interest in African literature; the culture was vividly described, and I found it original and unique in a sense. I felt and noted the impact the story can impart on somebody; it captures every detail that puts you into the atmosphere and period of the story. This feeling is unique to the narrative stories and cannot be found anywhere even in the movies or plays. To tell a story about traditions of a community requires a personal touch and knowledge to express the delicate aspects. By the time I finished reading Chinua’s narrative about his culture, I thought to myself, why would people want to abandon such interesting traditions for the modern day stereotypic cultures. He explained the traditions that governed and kept the people of his tribe in check, through his main character Okonkwo, so passionately, that it made me wonder how they were formulated and preserved across generations. (Achebe, 28). The culture of the Igbo people was clearly elaborated that I believed I could live among them and perfectly blend in. It was united with its locality and its environment in a delicate nature and so pure that I got saddened and discouraged when they were invaded by the

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