510 unit 2

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Job Recruitment Student's Name Institutional Affiliation Advantages of Using Internal Sources of Job Candidates It is essential to fill the existing open positions with the internal candidates as the organization does not have to focus on the candidates' strengths and weaknesses. Their abilities are already determined due to continually working with them, and, therefore, no substitution takes place. Secondly, there is an increased commitment by the current candidates to work within the organization. Due to the promotions which act as rewards to the employees, their morale is boosted to work even harder and thus leading to the commitment in the company. There is a low cost incurred in the recruitment process as less or no orientation and training is required for the internal candidates. They already possess the knowledge about the organization and the work is done, and therefore fewer costs are incurred on training and orienting them. Another advantage is that the process itself is quicker than other methods. Less time is spent on advertising the vacancy, checking the candidates’ CVs and interviewing them. It, therefore, makes the process be faster. Disadvantages There are increased instances of discontent among the employees who may fail to get the positions applied. There is no assurance for all the employees who apply for given posts to get the jobs and, therefore, failure to get the positions lowers their morale. Most of the employees promoted to newer ranks have the dominant ideologies even in areas where a new direction is required. This hinders innovation in the organization as new ideas are unlikely to be brought on board. Using only the internal

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