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Student’s Name: Instructor’s Name: Course: Date: Historical voting patterns Americans Just beat one voter-turnout record – here’s how 2016 compares to past elections Website: Business Insider Summary The article discusses how the 2016 elections failed the people’s expectations especially the voter-turnout. It starts by stating that more than 46 million voters had voted before elections day which broke the early voting records. However, the early voting does not have much influence on the election outcome and most important, the perception of the election against the backdrop of previous elections. The article notes that the elections were based on historical division. The voters voted against the expectations and instead of crowning the Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, it oversaw the Republican candidate Donald Trump's win. Further, the elections recorded the highest number of voters, 134 million, followed by the 2008 election where more than 132 million were counted. However, these statistics are worrying as the high number is commensurate to the increasing population in the United States. In fact, only 58% of the registered voters turned out for the election which is a low number compared to previous elections. For instance, the article notes the 1873 elections where the voter turnout was about 83%. The 1873 elections were highly contested by the Democrat Candidate, Samuel J. Tilden, and the Republican candidate, Rutherford B. Hayes just like the 2016 elections involving the Democrat Clinton and the Republic, Trump. While it was highly contested in court, the election yielded a Republican president just like the 2016 elections.

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