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Name Instructor Course Date Text messages are becoming pervasive in the workplace. What advantage and disadvantages do text messages create in terms of clear, understandable, and actionable communication? Advantages of texts messages in the workplace Text messages are explicit and convey accurate information to the intended recipients. In case they feel confused, texts allow room for them to re-read the texts and understand the instructions. Secondly, a senior person may use text messages to delegate authority to junior employees as they have similar powers to written communication. The senior employee can thus show the text messages to the other employees indicating that indeed the authority rests with the subordinate. Without a written note or text, the delegation of duties and power is not likely to occur. A phone call cannot delegate authority. Text messages are efficient and faster than other forms of written communication. The employees, both senior and subordinate, can rely on text messages as they are unlikely to fail. Text messages are proper and direct to the point as there is no point in writing much unnecessary information. It is not likely for the data in a text message to be distorted as the info is almost permanent and cannot be altered once sent and delivered. Verification of text messages and their sources is more accessible as the chances of sharing telephone numbers are minimal. It is easy to present a complicated matter in such a way that the recipient understands the message efficiently and in an attractive manner. Text messages serve as evidence that particular communication came down from a specific person. They can thus be used for future

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