(2) Why does Descartes think he has to doubt everything? How does he go about the process of doubting all his previous beliefs?

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Name Instructor Course Date Descartes Doubt about Everything Meditations on First Philosophy address two major things. The first is the theology faculty at the University, and the other is directed to the lay readers. The outline, however, delves on the major objections to the discourses and critics to the chains of logic that drive Descartes to think that he has doubts about everything. This is evident in his warning messages where he cautions the readers to approach the material with open minds. The process of doubting himself starts immediately he experiences the first mediation. In this meditation, he adopts skepticism after accepting that he had to start all over again and avoid the belief that everything is indubitable and certain (Descartes 2). But in his dreams, he has more than convinced himself that he experiences a half-life. From doubting his very existence to the imagining of the unreal world, the book reveals how Descartes comes to believe he doubts everything. Descartes believes in his perception of self-proclaimed truths including simple numbers and shapes. His idea of existence revolved around what is tangible and proven (4). He thinks that it is only the certainty that can establish the truth and that showing that something is certain is the only proof it is true. However, he agrees that God is not playing tricks with him. Despite having doubts about his very existence, he accepts that God is all-good and cannot intentionally deceive any being. His illusion leads him to believe in some malignant demon that is instead leading him astray. This is part of the uncertainty revolving around Descartes. He is doubtful he exists since he does not

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